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Why don't you hate me?


Happy fucking birthday to me.


Happy birthday. You don't sound particularly happy about it, though.

I've got something for you. *gives the complete set of these stamps* Thought they might come in handy around the office. XD
((I actually need those in real life...*ponders*))

I've never been a particular fan of birthdays.

Thank you for those, they should come in very handy - particularly the Confidential one. *smirk*
I have a special present to give you ^_~ next time I see you...
Thank you, I guess.

Oh? *interested* That sounds interesting...
Of course it will be...interesting
I would expect it to be no less than utterly enthralling.
I hope it won't be a dissapointment for you...*smirks slightly*
Perhaps this will be one birthday that isn't too bad.
ou~ I'll make sure of that