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Why don't you hate me?


I'm spending Christmas in a hospital, and just when I thought it couldn't get any worse...

What's wrong
Evidently I have a brain tumor impairing my sight, thus why I didn't realise about the truck until it was too late. They're hopeful for removing it entirely though.
As well as that, they've managed to heal the worst injuries, internal bleeding, etc, however I'm still at risk of slipping into a coma again. My right arm is broken in two places, and stuck in a cast for weeks


Oi, Orochimaru-san, would you like me to come visit you? You seem a little...uh...down ((OOC: What is sh supposed to say xD)... Plus I have a little something for you, like a Christmas present.

Of course if you don't want me to stop by....

((OOC: OMG Orochimaru's gonna die! LOL Nah, he never dies....ever... XD))


Oh, Kurenai-san, it would actually be a pleasure to see a friendly face.

((Of course not!~))

Really? Then when would you like me to come by?
Oh no thats horrible orochimaru-san! I wish I could make you feel...better
I'm sure you would help as best you could.
Of course I would *slight smirk*