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Why don't you hate me?

Hospitals are so much more interesting when Kabuto-kun comes to visit. I don't think I've been so amused in a while.


Oh, Kabuto-kun, whatever is the matter? Do you not enjoy visiting me?
It's not so much the visiting as being dragged off by a doctor and some seriously scary nurses.
Oh? And she was in such a good mood that day, too.
If that's a good mood, I'd hate to see her in a bad one.
I wouldn't blame you.

Thankfully I'm being dismissed tomorrow, so I no longer have to see it.
Ah, good. I'm glad to hear you're doing better.

Because Oro-mun lacks subtlety.

Aren't we all? It was not the most enjoyable way to spend winter. I can think of a position or five I'd prefer. And about twenty other locations where I'd rather be in those positions in front of a fireplace sounds particularly appealing.

And Kabuto has way too much of it for his own good

I can imagine. It's bad enough being poked and prodded and tested for one day by damn doctors. It's amazing you didn't go completely mad in there.
Fireplaces are nice. Too bad my apartment doesn't have room for one.

XDDD He's so cute.

I don't think they can drive the insane mad, ne Kabuto-kun?

In a few years you'll be living in a place like mine and have one, I'm sure.

Re: XDDD He's so cute.

I suppose not. Guess that's why I didn't go mad, even just from one day.

If I don't die first.
The saddest thing is that we're some of the more sane people at the office...

Oh, I don't think so, you have the ability to do very well for yourself.
Oh really? When did that happen?

Like I said, if I don't die first.
I don't know, but it did. I'm rather saddened by it.

Which is exactly why you should make sure someone can find out what is wrong with you. God only knows I don't need to hire a new assistant.
Me too. Maybe it means we should develop some new neuroses so we can go back to being the most insane people in the office?

I don't plan on dying anytime soon. Besides, funerals are such a hassle.